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Taro Niehaus’ 51.64 knot speed run video

Taro Niehaus breaking the African Speed Record on November 10 2011

Sebastien Cattelan improved to 52.6
Stefan Metzger set a new Namibian record of 51.36 knots which equals Hydroptere’s record, Anthony Chaffron improved to 42.92 despite being injured, and Humberto Torrinha improved the Angola record to 41.21.
Anders Bringdal had yet another 50 peak (50.1) and improved his Swedish record to 47.44 knots. This should land him first place on the windsurfing GPS rankings.



Congratulations Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2011

13 November 2011:
Mother nature had the final say today, and it only blew 30 knots with occasional gusts. Seb clocked the best speed of the day with 51.36 knots. He was the only contender over 50 knots.

Congratulations to Anders Bringdal (50.72 Vmax) and Taro Niehaus (51.64 knots) for their performance record, and to Seb, Sophie and the rest of the team and sponsors for making this event possible.

Sébastien is confident he can reach 60 knots in kitesurfing, and is making it his goal. Windsurfing speeds currently trail that of kitesurfing, but Sebastian has made it his first priority to create optimal conditions in the canal for the windsurfers to push the limits.
Positive energy is needed to manage this adventure, and an interesting challenge lies ahead for us to discover how best to achieve this. We need to share ideas and opinions with people who have different experience with the sea so we can collaboratively create the ideal run.

The new canal has proved to be more beneficial for windsurfers than for kitesurfers thus far, but some options still remain to improve this for both disciplines.

Although the organizers treated this year as a test for the new canal (which was dug just before the start), the results look very promising and windsurfing legend, Anders Bringdal, managed to reach truly impressive speeds on his first day. He had a 50.72 Vmax, which is a first in windsurfing history.
Kite surfing records and performances will follow – step by step the dream of this Team has been realized over the past 5 years, and the much improved run in the ideal location will usher in a new era in speed sailing and become the perfect platform for international and outright records.
Sponsors who choose to be part of this will play a pivotal role in shaping sailing history.


Taro Niehaus – 51.64 knots – New South African record

Taro Niehaus of team Genetrix has set a new South African record of 51.64 knots, and Seb had 51.2. I’m not sure what Anders’s 500m average was, but he had another 50+ peak today (50.3 kts).
This is a phenomenal effort and well deserved; Taro didn’t hold back, which takes a lot of guts and confidence in your equipment and ability. It was not easy going out there, and despite this he came out unscathed and clocked the best speed so far.
Well done Lighty, I salute your achievement !!!
Strong wind is forecast until Sunday, so I’m sure the speeds will climb further.
Seb took a break over the past week and I have not doubt that he will dial it in before Sunday, which is forecast to be the strongest day.

Source: Basil Cambanis

Seb Cattelan – First to 55 knots

On 28 of October, Sebastien Cattelan was the first person to reach a speed of over 55 knots average over 500m with a Genetrix Hydra 9 meter kite and an Xcelerator board.

Waiting for what could be the last blow…

There’s no wind today and tomorrow.  Friday to Monday still looks promising.   The spring high tide will be between 2:30pm and  3:39pm over the weekend.  Lets hope the competitors find some flat water and the wind necessary to break some more records.  Sunday to Monday might be the last decent wind they’ll have to do so.  The wind usually peaks around 3:00pm.  Here is what the tide looks like for the next few days.

Fri (Low 8:33 / High 14:38 / Low 20:50)
Sat (Low 9:02 / High 15:08 / Low 21h19)
Sun (Low 9:32 / High 15:39 / Low 21:48)
Mon (Low 10.04/ High 16:12/ Low 22:20)

The Genetrix Team posing at Luderitz Speed Challenge 2010:  Martial Camblong – France, Sebastien Cattelan – France, Tim Pumpa – Australia (record), Sophie Routaboul -France, Basil Cambanis – South Africa, Fred Kloren – Netherlands, Marc Avella – Spain (record).  Missing on the picture : Zolt Lenkey – Hungary, Taro Niehaus – South Africa (record) and Leila Lelouar – France.

Another 4 National Records tumble!

As expected, the wind was great when it finally got going (35-43), but the water level was too low by this time. The strip had to be closed as the WRSSC deemed it to be too shallow.

Here is a picture taken @ the time the wind was offering record breaking conditions.  Too bad the tide wasn’t favorable this time around!

Nonetheless, the new speed strip proved to be a winner – with 4 new National records being set:

Rob Douglas – USA, 52.58 knots
Taro Niehaus – South Africa, 50.62 knots
Marc Avella – Spain, 48.55 knots
Jernej Privsek – Slovenia, 46.22 knots.

These records have not yet been officiated by the WSSRC – we are waiting for them to be officialised.

The wind will now take a break until later next week, so it’s time to tune equipment and get ready for the next blow. It’s moving back to spring tides from tomorrow, so let’s hope it blows before spring highs wreck our track again. The course maintenance cannot keep up during this period, but at least we won’t have water depth issues.