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Sébastien SALERNO speaks about the Luderitz Speed Channel

A video From Eric Bellande

Catch me if you can!

Paul Larsen and his team “Sail Rocket” have shattered the 60 knots (65.45 knots over 500m or 121 km/h) in Walvis Bay in Namibia. This is a real technological feat and the result of years of hard work. Congratulations to him and his team.

The team is currently in Walvis Bay, Namibia and the least we can say is that there is now a huge gap between the record holder  and the runner up (55.65 kts held by the kiteboader Rob Douglas).

The 500m record:

1 – 2012 – Paul Larsen (sailrocket) – 65.45 kts  World Record Speed ​​Sailing

2 – 2010 – Rob DOUGLAS (kiteboarding) – 55.65 kts  Kitesurf World Record

3 – 2010 – Sébastien CATTELAN (kiteboarding) – 55.49 kts

4 – Alexander Caizergues (kiteboarding) – 54.93 kts

5 – Sébastien SALERNO (kiteboarding) – 54.28 kts

6 – Sylvain Hoceini (kiteboarding) – 52.90

7 – Antoine Albeau (windsurfing) – 52.05 kts Windsurf World Record

etc …

Windsurfers break the 50 knot barrier!


After the previous days promising results, everyone felt that breaking the 50 knot barrier was a done deal.
On the 4th race day, this never-before-broken barrier was smashed! Records kept tumbling almost with every run this afternoon. Some of the speeds still need to be confirmed by the Time Keeper.

First, the Swedish Record Holder Anders Bringdal broke the 50 knot barrier twice, with 50.41 and then 50.46 knots improving the world Record on Production Board as well!
After that Antoine Albeau surpassed Anders’ performance with 50.62 knots recovering his position of World Record holder in Windsurfing, which was also shortly held by Cédric Bordes in the afternoon with 49.66 knots.

Zara Davis has also improved her World Record in Windsurfing with 44.92 knots and also Lena improved her Turkish Record with 43.81.

The record on Tandem has been also broken (1 board / 2 sails / 2 riders) with 38.12 knots!

And lots of other National Records were smashed!
Mark Grinnell from South Africa and Matthias Röttcher from Namibia were successively improving their national records which they had already broken earlier during the day.

Mark: 46.49 kts and Matthias: 46.69 kts.

Jurjen Van Der Noord, the Dutch competitor who has just made his first runs today broke the Dutch Record with 47.53 kts.

Patrick Diethelm has improved his Swiss Record and is the 3rd time in the Windsurfing world as well with 49.71 knot!

Nick Vardalachos from Greece and the British Farrell O’Shea improved their record.

Nick: 48.84 kts and Farrell: 48.21 kts.

Christian Benzing who was battling with his German fellow countrymen, broke the German Record in Windsurfing with 45.57 knots.

This incredible day has now gone into the windsurfing history books.The world’s windsurfing community was waiting for a “come back” in Speed Sailing. The goal of the 2012 “Lüderitz Speed Challenge” was to work on that point and offer the best conditions to finally break this mythical barrier. We can expect even better results during the coming days.


Windsurfing World Record Attempt: More Records!

Windsurfing World Record Attempt: Day 3

Even though the forecast has announced only moderate wind, riders were really motivated to hit the gust again today!

The atmosphere was unusually peaceful – this group of competitors is really enjoying the conditions and the event, without hesitating to put their hands into the sand to help achieve the common objective: break records.

The current speed windsurfing Namibian record holder Matthias Röttcher watched the event in the media and decided to take his 4×4 across the desert to join us early this morning and take the chance to claim a new record! After testing the channel he improved his existing record of 41.44 kts to 42.32 kts.

Windsurfers from all over the world are following the event and are starting to realize that the Luderitz Speed Challenge is one of the biggest opportunities for them to be in the speed sailing limelight together with boats & kitesurfers.

The international support to riders and organisers is unbelievable. Encouragement from all corners of the world is streaming in.

On day 3, Zara was again the 1st to jump into the water, and it is paying off: thanks to her we open the race every day by celebrating a new record, and thereafter it does not stop!

Antoine Albeau was leading the day with 48.57 kts but Anders Bringdal went further with 48.60 kts, improving the World Windsurfing Record on production board, and claiming the new Swedish Record.

Dieter Gerichhausen again beat the German record in Windsurfing with 44.01 kts, but – like yesterday – was followed by Christian Bornemann who was faster still, ending with a new German record with 44.41 kts.

Their German team mate Christian Benzing went faster in less wind today and come closer with 42.81kts!

Patrick Diethelm went faster in less wind with 46.55kts, improving his Swiss Record from yesterday.

Lena improved her Turkish record with 42.6 kts.

Cédric Bordes managed to reach the 3rd best speed of the day with 47.83 kts.


Windsurfing World Record Attempt 2012: World Records broken !!

During the 2012 “Lüderitz Speed Challenge” 16 different nationalities will come together over 6 weeks.
This week France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Turkey and Sweden have sent their representatives.
The first 2 days of this Windsurfing World Record Attempt have already created a communication buzz all over the world!

Antoine Albeau, who is currently – and has been for 20 times in the past – the World Champion in Slalom held the previous World Windsurfing Record of 49.09 kts (2008), has just broken it again today with 49.41 kts!
The fact that this close-to-50-knots record was set in only 38 knots of wind, makes us all see the possibilities of the next days with more serious wind conditions!
The Swedish legend Anders Bringdal, who lead the 1st day, broke the World Record in Windsurfing on Production board twice on day two – and he improved his national Record to 48.38 knots!
The Female World Record in Windsurfing was broken twice by Zara Davis who obviously enjoys the news concept and the new “Lüderitz Speed Challenge” channel! With 44.19 knots she is also the fastest Female British sailor.
Lena Aylin Erdil has also learnt how to go fast in a few runs, breaking the Female Turkish Record several times during the past two days, reaching 41.53 knots.
Farrel O’Shea has expertly defended his colours by beating the UK Record twice, ending with 46.15 knots!

Patrick Diethelm who holds the Italian Record is a double Record Holder. Sailing under the flag of Switzerland this year, he broke the Swiss Record with 46.29 knots.
The French rider Cédric Bordes managed to sail the exact time of the previous Windsurfing Record showing 49.09 knots!

The German competitors are on track and produced excellent times, alternating the record position among them. Christian Bornemann broke the German record in windsurfing twice during the past two days, and he currently holds it at 43.93 knots while Dieter Gerichhausen reached 42.92 knots, holding this record for a time during the day. Christian Benzing from “Chris Benz watches” reached a personal best with 40.33 knots, not far behind his fellow countrymen.


The “Lüderitz Speed Challenge” 2012 is officially opened.
The ceremony gathered the members of the Town Council, the sponsors, the local committee, the inhabitants of Lüderitz, and the riders.
In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, windsurfers attended the very first briefing.
On Monday, the Windsurfers went through their mental and physical preparation to become familiar with the canal !
With the arrival of Antoine Albeau, Alberto Possati and Cédric Bordes, the team is being assembled for the first week of the “Lüderitz Speed Challenge” 2012.
Full of Energy, The Windsurfing team is headed up by Anders BRINGDAL, who is spokesman for the group, which is promising. There is a feeling of “Unity and strength”…

Here is a list of riders:

The fastest event – the fastest spot – the fastest riders

  • The Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2012

    Since 2007, records were smashed successively, performances have increased, the « Lüderitz Speed Challenge », World record Attempt in Speed Sailing has become a major event with a media impact which has developed the “speed” discipline and has well participated to the kitesurfing industry evolution. Nevertheless, its organizors, Sébastien Cattelan and Sophie Routaboul have seen there the opportunity for the windsurfers to come back in front of the stage and find a location with the best conditions to express themselves. So, from 2009, after several tests, the report sets: the potential is there, let’s build a CANAL…

    2010 EDITION set a new record and all the nations know that Lüderitz is the fastest spot in the World!.


    Only two years after the 50 knots barrier was broken, the 55 Knots (103 km/h) barrier was smashed: 100km/h (54.10 knots) and “The Lüderitz Speed Challenge” have managed to get back the title from the multi-million boat “L’Hydroptère” (51.36 knots). Only 2 competitors in the world have reached the 55 knots so far:

    Sébastien Cattelan (55.49 kts-European Record) and Rob Douglas (55.65 kts-Ultimate World Record)

    2011 WAS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW AREA from an historical project:

    Although the 2010 canal made the world of a difference, the conditions still need improvement for faster records to be set, especially to represent the windsurfing community which is huge in the World. Thus Sébastien Cattelan, Sophie Routaboul and his team have invested a lot of money and time to research the possibilities of widening and lengthening the canal, and creating even smoother water surfaces for faster speeds, deeper water but also improving the safety of the finish area.

    After 1 year battling to set up the project and get the authorizations, they manage to dig that canal with the support of the Namibian Ministry of Environment & Tourism,according to what they have learnt from performances, tests and experiences they made during their career.

    The legend Anders Bringdal took part of this new edition as a windsurfing consultant to be able to invite all the top sailors in the world.

    SUCCESS: never before a windsurfer have reached a top speed of 50,7 knots (94 km/h).

    0n 10 competitors of this testing-team, 5 records were broken.

    The test of this Team is a revelation: this new canal which was improved step by step until the end of the 2011 event is THE solution and will be the playground of many competitors next year as they all have realized its potential.

    LUDERITZ SPEED CHALLENGE 2012 PROJECT: Old records are no news, however… Chase the unimaginable 60 knots barrier now: The Lüderitz Speed Challenge has this as its main goal and sole focus.

    No other event or place in the world would be more suitable to attempt this crazy record. Organizers have worked really hard to create the right environment conducive to making it happen. It’s the combination of all their experience from previous years and of course the location which gives them the criteria they need (strong and stable wind, good angle…) which will operate.

    All the arrangements have been made to manage to create a canal with all the skills that windsurfers need to join kitesurfers (record: 55,65 knots) and boats (record: 51,36 knots) in that real challenge. After obtaining the authorizations, an artificial canal was dug 300m from the bay: 1 month of hard tests and researches, making improvements, were realized during the 2011 edition to be able to present the big 2012 Challenge which will be even more watched and followed in all over the world, where the best top sailors will battle for the World title or their nation.

    The list of the selected competitors will be communicated in the beginning of July for an Attempt which will happen from the 5 November to 2 December for windsurfers (registrations number being more important) and from 3 to 16 December for kitesurfers, to avoid the comparison between 2 different crafts.

    Luderitz Speed Challenge 2011 from ByAdrienFreville on Vimeo.

  • Construction of the canal and speed run video. Luderitz 2011.

    Here is a video of the construction of the new canal and of some the top speed tests recorded last month in Lüderitz to polish the speed run for the Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2012.

    Source : Lüderitz Speed Challenge/Adrien Freville

    Taro Niehaus’ 51.64 knot speed run video

    Taro Niehaus breaking the African Speed Record on November 10 2011

    Sebastien Cattelan improved to 52.6
    Stefan Metzger set a new Namibian record of 51.36 knots which equals Hydroptere’s record, Anthony Chaffron improved to 42.92 despite being injured, and Humberto Torrinha improved the Angola record to 41.21.
    Anders Bringdal had yet another 50 peak (50.1) and improved his Swedish record to 47.44 knots. This should land him first place on the windsurfing GPS rankings.


    Congratulations Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2011

    13 November 2011:
    Mother nature had the final say today, and it only blew 30 knots with occasional gusts. Seb clocked the best speed of the day with 51.36 knots. He was the only contender over 50 knots.

    Congratulations to Anders Bringdal (50.72 Vmax) and Taro Niehaus (51.64 knots) for their performance record, and to Seb, Sophie and the rest of the team and sponsors for making this event possible.

    Sébastien is confident he can reach 60 knots in kitesurfing, and is making it his goal. Windsurfing speeds currently trail that of kitesurfing, but Sebastian has made it his first priority to create optimal conditions in the canal for the windsurfers to push the limits.
    Positive energy is needed to manage this adventure, and an interesting challenge lies ahead for us to discover how best to achieve this. We need to share ideas and opinions with people who have different experience with the sea so we can collaboratively create the ideal run.

    The new canal has proved to be more beneficial for windsurfers than for kitesurfers thus far, but some options still remain to improve this for both disciplines.

    Although the organizers treated this year as a test for the new canal (which was dug just before the start), the results look very promising and windsurfing legend, Anders Bringdal, managed to reach truly impressive speeds on his first day. He had a 50.72 Vmax, which is a first in windsurfing history.
    Kite surfing records and performances will follow – step by step the dream of this Team has been realized over the past 5 years, and the much improved run in the ideal location will usher in a new era in speed sailing and become the perfect platform for international and outright records.
    Sponsors who choose to be part of this will play a pivotal role in shaping sailing history.


    Taro Niehaus – 51.64 knots – New South African record

    Taro Niehaus of team Genetrix has set a new South African record of 51.64 knots, and Seb had 51.2. I’m not sure what Anders’s 500m average was, but he had another 50+ peak today (50.3 kts).
    This is a phenomenal effort and well deserved; Taro didn’t hold back, which takes a lot of guts and confidence in your equipment and ability. It was not easy going out there, and despite this he came out unscathed and clocked the best speed so far.
    Well done Lighty, I salute your achievement !!!
    Strong wind is forecast until Sunday, so I’m sure the speeds will climb further.
    Seb took a break over the past week and I have not doubt that he will dial it in before Sunday, which is forecast to be the strongest day.

    Source: Basil Cambanis

    Anders Bringdal – 47 knots – new Swedish windsurfing record

    On October 31st, Anders Bringdal made the most of it on a windsurfer and recorded a very respectable 47 knot over 500m (new Swedish record – still to be ratified) and 50 knot peak, which is extremely rare in windsurfing.

    Wolfram Reiners set a new German record of 46 knots (still to be ratified) on his very first run.
    There were a few spills due to the chop and gusts/lulls, but luckily none were serious.

    Source: Basil Cambanis

    In the mean time…

    A few days into the event and the athletes are doing a little cross training. This video captures a glimpse of the life these athletes live as they push the 50 knot threshold in the beautiful waters off of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.


    Source:  The 2011 North American Speed Sailing Invitational




    New from Luderitz

    The Hydra and Luderitz

    23 October 2011

    Today was a light wind day (in the 20’s) and marked the start of a new wind cycle. It was a great introduction for the riders to the new canal. The finishing area is wide and long, and instills the confidence needed to cross the finish at full speed. The depth is more than adequate, and we’ll test out windsurfers on it within a few days time.

    The wind was very gusty today, and the Genetrix kites helped prevent unnecessary accidents due to unforeseen gusts and lulls mid-run. They handle gusts like no other and have the biggest depower range, which makes them ideal for Luderitz.

    The best average speed was 45 knots, with peaks just less than 50 knots. The wind is expected to blow stronger tomorrow, so let’s see what speeds the new canal can yield.

    “What I found is there seems to be a lot more wind towards the end of the run, but time will tell when it blows stronger. Getting back to the start was done by either beating back upwind in the lagoon and walking the rest of the way, or catching a lift on the back of a bakkie. The timing system worked flawlessly, so we’re all set for the big day to see what speeds are possible”.

    Source: Basil Cambanis

    Luderitz 2011 Kitecam

    Another one from Basil but this time the view is from the kite.  He does get pretty close to the bank at one stage.  Probably looking up at the cam 🙂

    “I stuck my camera onto one of the struts today to get an areal view of the canal. It’s alignment was slightly off, but not bad considering. The wind was a mild 20 knots at the time and I used my 12 sqm v4 Genetrix Hydra kite. As you can tell from the footage, the water state is excellent. We’re waiting until next week when stronger wind is forecast, then things will get interesting.”


    Two separate speed events attempt breaking 55.65 kts record

    Here is a video from Basil Cambanis.  Take a ride with him on his Genetrix Hydra down the speed run in Luderitz, Namibia. The new canal has been built in the salt pan a few hundred meters upwind of Second Lagoon. It looks impressive, and with the longer run-up and finish it’s bound to be faster.

    At the same time, there is a speed event organized by The North American Speed Sailing Project (NASSP).  SOME of the Fastest Sailors are competing for the $27000 prize at Martha’s Vineyard in October 2011.

    It will be interesting to see who will break the 55.65 kts over 500m set by Rob Douglas in Luderitz in 2010.

    NASSP———————————————————-or      the Luderitz Speed Challenge ???


    One of them looks like a holiday and the other like suicide.  Good luck to all and be safe!


    The World Record Attempt in Speed Sailing

    Namibia:  October 20th – November 17th 2011

    The “Lüderitz Speed Challenge” has been held in Namibia since 2007, and is a World Record Attempt in Speed Sailing that has produced more than 40 World & National Records to date.


    The organisers, Sophie Routaboul and Sébastien Cattelan have constantly innovated in their attempt to push the limits, and have recently obtained authorisation to dig a new channel away from the Second Lagoon shoreline, which has been used thus far. This is necessary to make it possible to break the 60 knot barrier (over 500m), which is the new challenge (115km/h under sail). Last year, the famous hydrofoil boat “L’Hydroptère” held the Outright Record with 51.36 knots (95km/h over 500m), but was beaten during “The 2010 Lüderitz Speed Challenge” by the kitesurfers who established the World Record in Speed Sailing with 55.65 knots (64/mph, 103km/h over 500m).


    This has been a large scale and difficult project to undertake, which made these two driven extreme sports enthusiasts decide to officially test the newly built channel before taking on the responsibility of organising a fully-fledged event. A full scale event is planned for 2012 where numerous international competitors will be invited.

    As the stakes increase and the speeds achieved are pushed higher, the organisation of each event has become more challenging in itself.

    The consequences of this recognised official record attempt are far reaching. This event combines an environmental aspect together with the efficiency of wind power, and the human, tourism and commercial aspects, while bringing to the front stage an African country: Namibia. This is where kitesurfing (while still in its infancy), has been propelled into the headlines as being the world’s fastest craft on water.

    Will this incredible and daring feat allow them to beckon in the dawn of a new playground for the windsurfing community, and give them access to the exclusive 50+ knot club? The results speak for themselves: over the past four years everything possible has been done to increase the potential of this unbelievable site, which has made the constant climb of speed sailing records possible.

    The answer will be revealed between 20th October and 17th November 2011, which are the dates of the event during which windsurfing and kitesurfing performances will be done…. with the kind support of the sponsors : LM Wind Power, Genetrix and its team, SunPass Cream, The agency Chaffron Insurance, Kitaddict and the Lüderitz Community.


    Luderitz, Seb, and their stories

    Here is the complete video on France 3
    Or you can view the different parts of the documentary here:


    50 NOEUDS



    LA ZONE 7


    Thalassa documentary part one

    Here is the first part of the documentary of the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2010 in Namibia which will be aired on Friday the 18th of March on Thalassa France3.

    Genetrix on Thalassa French TV 18th March @ 8:35pm

    For those who are interested, Genetrix will be featured in the Thalassa TV documentary to be shown on Friday 18th of March 2011, starting at 8:35 pm Paris time on the French TV channel “France 3”. This documentary was filmed during the Ludertitz Speed Challenge in Namibia last October 2010.

    La date de diffusion du sujet Thalassa que nous avons tourné en Namibie à l’occasion du Luderitz Speed Challenge sera diffuse le 18 Mars 2011 sur Thalassa France 3 A partir de 20h35

    Seb Cattelan – First to 55 knots

    On 28 of October, Sebastien Cattelan was the first person to reach a speed of over 55 knots average over 500m with a Genetrix Hydra 9 meter kite and an Xcelerator board.


    The Luderitz Speed Challenge has finally come to a close.  Martial, founder and owner of Genetrix gives us his impressions

    MTL: Rob Douglas got the world record by going 55.65 knots.   What is your reaction?

    I’m not ready to forget that infamous day! First, Seb pulverizes the previous record and becomes the first to pass the 55 knots speed barrier making history one more time.  14 minutes later Rob Douglas improves the time by 15 hundredths of a second. I was incredulous.

    These two men have really set the bar very high. It is a very good victory for Rob Douglas who is a great guy and this will help bring recognition of the speed discipline to the U.S, which is very positive for the sport.

    Q:  First to 50 Knots / First to 55 knots and the record gets snatched by only 15 hundredths of a second.  That must be a bit annoying, no?

    Of course it is annoying because we put so much work and energy for this record.  With Seb, we gave it everything: me in the development of new wings, and him, working on improving the speed canal, but it is the harsh nature of the sport. But, I am very proud of what he was able to accomplish under the conditions and circumstance he had to go through. It is truly an extraordinary and historic accomplishment, even though he did not end up with the overall speed record at the end of the day, he still made his mark on the history books.

    Q:  7 national records, 1 European record.  Gentrix took most of the national records on this event:

    It was fantastic to see a sky filled with Genetrix kites and to see the various national records falling to so many different Genetrix riders.  The competition led the team riders of the same nationality to try to surpass each other for their national records. The Genetrix Hydra demonstrated its superiority and helped many riders express their full commitment even at world-record speeds.  At times, there were only Genetrix kites on the water. Unfortunately, Sophie Routaboul was injured during one of her runs. But, she was still able to exceed 48 knots with a broken hand, respect …

    I’m really proud of the riders in the team and the spirit that they have portrayed throughout this event. CARE, RESPECT, FAIR PLAY.  It is great for the boss of a brand to have such a solid team.  Beyond victory it is extremely important for me, because this spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship is our strength, I am a very happy man.

    Q:  What equipment did team Genetrix use?

    Sebastian established the 55 knots with the new HYDRA 9 m V5 on 25 meter lines.

    All other National Records were made with the new HYDRA v5 8 m (also with 25 meter lines). It is a wing that we have developed this year with Seb and it is simply AMAZING. The evidence is in the results!

    Q:  Do you have any regrets?

    It did not work out very well that Seb had to wear two hats as event organizer and competitor. He had the entire project of the organization on his shoulders and, of course, had to manage the enormous daily pressures that such an event creates. Imagine, having to organize an event of this level in the depths of Africa with only primitive means available!  Getting up every morning for nearly two months at 6:00 am and having to brave the cantankerous mechanical digger or the shovel (I know how hard it is from personal experience!) to fill sand bags and make dams all along the canal to get the water level right. Every day,  the same endless chores because of tides that damage the run during the night …. Eat a sandwich, get to the run and then compete!!  Personally I do not know where he gets his energy to achieve such performance!

    I really regret that Seb was not able to race in a physically fresher state.  But, even in his depleted state his performance was exceptional: 6 Runs at more than 53 knots, one at over 54 knots and 2 runs over 55 knots.  I lost track of how many runs he exceeded 50 knots, which has become routine for him!

    Q:  The competition is over: what are your plans now?:

    We are going to do a photo shoot in South Africa of the new Origins.

    Q:  Can you tell us more?

    Not yet — I do not want anything leaking out quite yet.  But, I will say that the new kite is simply extraordinary. Just wait until you have one in your hands. Its flying characteristics are amazing! (photos soon).

    Congrats to all Participants and Organizers


    The Luderitz Speed Challenge has finally come to a close.  Congratulations to all the competitors, the organizers, sponsors and Sebastien Cattelan for making this event possible.  It wasn’t always easy to please everyone but in the end, the new course proved to be a winner making speeds of more than 55 knots attainable for the first time ever.

    12 national speed records were also achieved, and 7 of them were set on the Genetrix Hydra!

    Catman was the first one to break the 50 knot sailing speed record in 2008 which was taken from him by Alex Caizergues 24 hours later.  History almost repeated itself in 2010.  This time around, Catman was the first to reach 55 knots and again became the fastest sailor in the world on the Genetrix Hydra with 55,49 knots (102.6 km/hr).  But only an hour later Rob Douglas edged him out by 15 hundredths of a second and managed to set another new world record of 55,64 knots, taking it back home to the US. Congratulation to Rob for being the fastest man.

    Seb remains the new speed sailing record holder of France and Europe!  Congratulations also to Charlotte Consorti for being the first woman to reach speeds over 50 with 50.43 knots.

    2 National Records broken despite lighter wind

    Stefan Metzger improved on his Namibian record with 49.28 knots
    Zsolt Lenkei improved his Hungarian record with 43.65 knots.

    Unfortunately today’s wind was lighter than yesterday, so these are excellent speeds.
    It is a lot of work to keep the channel free of sand without the rivers filling it back up or keeping the water in when the tide goes out.  The start of the run was also improved, and all rivers were closed off in time this morning. By having the retaining wall at the end, this raised the water depth of the channal and gave the riders a bit more width to play with. The canal had a constant water depth the entire day.

    UNOFFICIAL results up to Day 12 – 29 October 2010 (excuse any errors & omissions) :
    Visit for the OFFICIAL Results.

    Rank No. Name Nat. Speed
    1 55 Rob Douglas (WR & NR) USA 55.65
    2 69 Sebastien Cattelan (NR) FRA 55.49
    3 21 Alex Caizergues FRA 54.93
    4 64 Sebastien Salerno FRA 54.28
    5 53 Sylvain Hoceini FRA 52.90
    6 11 Gavin Broadbent (NR) NZ 50.93
    7 45 Basil Cambanis (NR) ZA 50.72
    8 1 Taro Niehaus ZA 50.62
    9 4 Charlotte Consorti (Ladies WR & NR) FRA 50.43
    10 57 Morgan Douglas USA 49.69
    11 56 Jamie Douglas USA 49.46
    12 19 Stefan Metzger (NR) NAM 49.28
    13 13 Manu Taub FRA 49.09
    14 40 Patrice Menossi FRA 48.74
    15 7 Sophie Routaboul FRA 48.64
    16 46 Marc Avella (NR) ESP 48.55
    17 9 Christophe Prin-Guenon FRA 47.18
    18 14 Fred Kloren NL 46.93
    19 18 Tim Pumpa (NR) AUS 46.78
    20 59 Jernej Privsek (NR) SL 46.60
    21 10 Anders Bringdal (NR) [W] SWE 44.80
    22 5 Sjoukje Bredenkamp ZA 44.25
    23 6 Zsolt Lenkei (NR) HUN 43.65
    24 52 Bill Lynch USA 42.32
    25 81 Farrel O-Shea [W] UK 41.02
    26 2 Afrit Foued (NR) ALB 39.81
    27 800 Nick Vardalaxos [W] GR 38.06
    28 223 Andrea Baldini [W] IT 37.21
    29 47 Zara Davis (PR) [W] UK 36.99
    30 3 Leila Nouar FRA 34.71

    WR = World Record, NR = National Record, PR = Production Record, W = Windsurfer