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Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year from Team Genetrix.

Slider, island style

Kakula with Vic & Nick

“A step back in time” by The Kiteboarder magazine

Marco in Vanuatu

Video by Marc Antoine Martin

Another Great Kiteboarding Session at Kakula Island — Featuring GoProHD & KiteHero Mount

Check out Team Genetrix on another great day of kiteboarding at Kakula Island, Vanuatu.  Unfortunately, you can’t quite see the friendly dugong (aka manatee) who showed up to say hello to Marco.  For information on our kites, check out

The Magic Tree

A personal tour of the tree house with Julien to paradise.

Kakula Island Session (now in HD!)

Watch Marco, Julien and Victor rip some huge airs in this video we shot over the weekend at Kakula Island resort, a private island kiteboarding paradise in Vanuatu. We took over all of the island’s 5 rooms and even had a few folks sleeping in tents and couches, but no one complained because the conditions were great and everyone was cool.

Be the boss of time!

Took Julein, Marco and Paul to learn a bit about the custom of Vanuatu.  Be the boss of time, not the other way around is the Vanuatu way.

Paul Lang Samples the Goods at Kakula Island

The team’s first trip to Kakula Island introduced Paul Lang of The Kiteboarder magazine to the wonders of kiting in Vanuatu.  The wind was cranking, and Paul selected an 11M Genetrix Origin as his kite of choice.