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Sébastien SALERNO speaks about the Luderitz Speed Channel

A video From Eric Bellande


The fastest event – the fastest spot – the fastest riders

  • The Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2012

    Since 2007, records were smashed successively, performances have increased, the « Lüderitz Speed Challenge », World record Attempt in Speed Sailing has become a major event with a media impact which has developed the “speed” discipline and has well participated to the kitesurfing industry evolution. Nevertheless, its organizors, Sébastien Cattelan and Sophie Routaboul have seen there the opportunity for the windsurfers to come back in front of the stage and find a location with the best conditions to express themselves. So, from 2009, after several tests, the report sets: the potential is there, let’s build a CANAL…

    2010 EDITION set a new record and all the nations know that Lüderitz is the fastest spot in the World!.


    Only two years after the 50 knots barrier was broken, the 55 Knots (103 km/h) barrier was smashed: 100km/h (54.10 knots) and “The Lüderitz Speed Challenge” have managed to get back the title from the multi-million boat “L’Hydroptère” (51.36 knots). Only 2 competitors in the world have reached the 55 knots so far:

    Sébastien Cattelan (55.49 kts-European Record) and Rob Douglas (55.65 kts-Ultimate World Record)

    2011 WAS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW AREA from an historical project:

    Although the 2010 canal made the world of a difference, the conditions still need improvement for faster records to be set, especially to represent the windsurfing community which is huge in the World. Thus Sébastien Cattelan, Sophie Routaboul and his team have invested a lot of money and time to research the possibilities of widening and lengthening the canal, and creating even smoother water surfaces for faster speeds, deeper water but also improving the safety of the finish area.

    After 1 year battling to set up the project and get the authorizations, they manage to dig that canal with the support of the Namibian Ministry of Environment & Tourism,according to what they have learnt from performances, tests and experiences they made during their career.

    The legend Anders Bringdal took part of this new edition as a windsurfing consultant to be able to invite all the top sailors in the world.

    SUCCESS: never before a windsurfer have reached a top speed of 50,7 knots (94 km/h).

    0n 10 competitors of this testing-team, 5 records were broken.

    The test of this Team is a revelation: this new canal which was improved step by step until the end of the 2011 event is THE solution and will be the playground of many competitors next year as they all have realized its potential.

    LUDERITZ SPEED CHALLENGE 2012 PROJECT: Old records are no news, however… Chase the unimaginable 60 knots barrier now: The Lüderitz Speed Challenge has this as its main goal and sole focus.

    No other event or place in the world would be more suitable to attempt this crazy record. Organizers have worked really hard to create the right environment conducive to making it happen. It’s the combination of all their experience from previous years and of course the location which gives them the criteria they need (strong and stable wind, good angle…) which will operate.

    All the arrangements have been made to manage to create a canal with all the skills that windsurfers need to join kitesurfers (record: 55,65 knots) and boats (record: 51,36 knots) in that real challenge. After obtaining the authorizations, an artificial canal was dug 300m from the bay: 1 month of hard tests and researches, making improvements, were realized during the 2011 edition to be able to present the big 2012 Challenge which will be even more watched and followed in all over the world, where the best top sailors will battle for the World title or their nation.

    The list of the selected competitors will be communicated in the beginning of July for an Attempt which will happen from the 5 November to 2 December for windsurfers (registrations number being more important) and from 3 to 16 December for kitesurfers, to avoid the comparison between 2 different crafts.

    Luderitz Speed Challenge 2011 from ByAdrienFreville on Vimeo.

  • Orange Speed Crossing Pro: Interim Results

    Here are the interim results after the first 3 races of the OSC.

    Long Distance

    Overall standings after 3 races – Men

    Overall standings after 3 races – women

    Vas y Sophie!!!  **** the team is cheering you on ****




    Could Seb be back in the race?

    On Tuesday, the organizer of the Mondial decided to make use of the light 20.25 knots of south east wind and put on the “Funny Race”.  The Long Distance Race is an 8 km and back to the start.  From the start, the windsurfers took the lead with Antoine Albeau and Cédric Bordes.  The strong south east choppy conditions are not favorable to kite surfers.

    Antoine Albeau crosses the finish line first leaving a gap between him, Ross Williams and Cédric Bordes

    SEB CATTELAN  with the Genetrix Origin and Xelerator board (photo Tisag)

    Sébastien Cattelan takes the lead and is the first kitesurfer to cross the finish line in front of Rob Douglass and Sylvain Hoceini.  He was riding a 12m Genetrix and the Xelerator 198×40 board.

    Until now, Seb had not been able to compete due to his missing boards.    We are glad to see him back in despite an injury to his ankle.

    You can find out more re the board he is using here:

    The strong Tramontane is announced again for tomorrow with a skipper’s meet at 8:00 am.

    Alex Caizergues et Geoffrey Mascarel are out!

    During the second heat, two of the top kite surfers got injured.  Alex Caizergues injured his right knee and Geoffrey Mascarel his wrist!  Rob Douglas is the only kitesurfer left facing the top windsurfers.

    For now, no news re Seb Cattelan …


    Orange Speed Crossing 3rd Heat

    Today, the best times had been recorded in the early part of the day due to a declining Tramontane as the day wore on. 4 windsurfers finished in the top five but Rob took the lead again with the fastest time over 42 knots. In the absence of Alex Caizergues it was Geoffrey Mascarell who was the second kiter to finish.

    Orange Speed Crossing 2nd Heat

    Rob Douglas (42.5) winner of the second heat of the Orange Speed Crossing in front of Antoine Albeau (41.5)

    We are sorry to hear that Sebastian Cattelan wasn’t able to take part in the last 2 races. “My racing gear is somewhere on an airport carousel between Maui airport and South Africa. I was able to borrow some equipment left and right, but it is not easy without my personal settings. Plus I’m cold, so for now I stay on the beach (smile).”

    Alex Caizergues also had no chance today. He fell hard in the second inning and had to be evacuated by firefighters, having apparently suffered a knee sprain. He was in fourth place in this heat! This might compromise his season.

    Charlotte Consorti consistently finished in the first half every time at the scratch, leaving behind about thirty men!

    Anders Bringdal, who won the first round is 7th in this second round and falls back overall.

    Heat 2 results:

    1 Rob Douglas Kite

    2 Antoine Albeau Wind

    3 Cedric Bordes Wind

    4 Alex Caizergues Kite

    5 Geoffrey Kite Mascarell

    Le mondial du vent 2012

    Leucate, France will host the Mondial du Vent from April 7th to 15th 2012. The worldwide event was created in 1996. 16 years later, Leucate is still the first kitesurf and windsurf meeting in France and one of the most important international events in these disciplines.

    see more here:

    ORANGE SPEED CROSSING Pro: 7 to 12 April

    For the fourth consecutive year, the Mondial du Vent et Orange have organized the Orange Speed Crossing in Leucate from 7 to 15 April for the 16th edition of the Mondial du Vent. A unique opportunity to watch the world’s best athletes of kiteboarding and windsurfing go head to head on speed runs.

    A total of 30 professional athletes including kitesurfer Rob Douglas (world speed record holder), Alexandre Caizergues (3 times world speed holder),  Sebastien Cattelan (50 and 55 knot recordbreaker) and windsurfers Antoine Albeau (speed and slalom windsurfer world champion)  and Anders Bringdal, will participate in this unique event. Charlotte Consorti and Sophie Routaboul will also compete to see who is the fastest woman on the water.

    In 2011, kitesurfers proved to be fastest. Will the windsurfers take the speed record back this year?

    As of now, here is the list of the riders in the Orange Speed Crossing.
    10 riders will compete using Genetrix kites
    Kitesurf Windsurf
    1- Anthony CHAFFRON France
    2- Wolfram REINERS Allemagne
    3- Alex CAIZERGUES France
    4- Rob DOUGLAS Etats-Unis
    5- Geoffrey MASCAREL France
    6- Jamie DOUGLAS Etats-Unis
    7- Morgan DOUGLAS Etats-Unis
    8- Manu TAUB France
    9- Damien LEROY France
    10- Brock CALLEN Etats-Unis
    11- Sébastien CATTELAN France
    12- Chris HARDUIN France
    13- Christophe PRIN-GUENON France
    14- Jean-Charles PAUPARDIN France
    15- Maxime RICHARD France
    16- Bill LYNCH Etats-Unis
    17- Sylvain HOCEINI France
    18- Florent GAUTIER France
    19- Romain RENAUD France
    20- Emmanuel MOGICATO France
    21- Sylvain MORET France
    22- Charlotte CONSORTI France
    23- Sophie ROUTABOUL France
    24- Julien TAUB France
    25- Jean-Yves TERRIEN France
    26- Bruno DANDINE France
    27- Jernej PRIVSEK Slovénie
    1- Thomas GAUDIOT France
    2- Nick VARDALACHOS Grèce
    3- Gauthier BOURGEOIS France
    4- Antoine ALBEAU France
    5- Cyril MOUSSILMANI France
    6- Benoit MOUSSILMANI France
    7- Sylvain MOUSSILMANI France
    8- Anders BRINGDAL Suède
    9- Olivier BERNARD France
    10- Cédric BORDES France
    11- Andrea BALDINI Italie
    12- Christophe RICHAUD France
    13- Xavier JOLY France
    14- Pascal BOULANGER France
    15- Cyril MICHEL France
    16- Christophe FIORENTINI France
    17- Gilles PAREDES France
    18- Valérie GHIBAUDO France
    19- Karin YAGGI Suisse
    20- Romain DONADA France
    21- Alain MONTAUZOU France
    22- Damien NICO France
    23- Jacques VAN DER HOUT Pays-Bas

    2012 Genetrix Origin V2 Kiteboarding Kite Review

    The Kiteboarder’s video review of the 2012 Genetrix Origin V2 kite. For the complete review (including comments directly from our testers) on this and 52 more 2012 kiteboarding kites and boards, download the TKB 2012 Freeride Gear Review in the TKB Store.