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Sébastien SALERNO speaks about the Luderitz Speed Channel

A video From Eric Bellande


Windsurfing World Record Attempt: More Records!

Windsurfing World Record Attempt: Day 3

Even though the forecast has announced only moderate wind, riders were really motivated to hit the gust again today!

The atmosphere was unusually peaceful – this group of competitors is really enjoying the conditions and the event, without hesitating to put their hands into the sand to help achieve the common objective: break records.

The current speed windsurfing Namibian record holder Matthias Röttcher watched the event in the media and decided to take his 4×4 across the desert to join us early this morning and take the chance to claim a new record! After testing the channel he improved his existing record of 41.44 kts to 42.32 kts.

Windsurfers from all over the world are following the event and are starting to realize that the Luderitz Speed Challenge is one of the biggest opportunities for them to be in the speed sailing limelight together with boats & kitesurfers.

The international support to riders and organisers is unbelievable. Encouragement from all corners of the world is streaming in.

On day 3, Zara was again the 1st to jump into the water, and it is paying off: thanks to her we open the race every day by celebrating a new record, and thereafter it does not stop!

Antoine Albeau was leading the day with 48.57 kts but Anders Bringdal went further with 48.60 kts, improving the World Windsurfing Record on production board, and claiming the new Swedish Record.

Dieter Gerichhausen again beat the German record in Windsurfing with 44.01 kts, but – like yesterday – was followed by Christian Bornemann who was faster still, ending with a new German record with 44.41 kts.

Their German team mate Christian Benzing went faster in less wind today and come closer with 42.81kts!

Patrick Diethelm went faster in less wind with 46.55kts, improving his Swiss Record from yesterday.

Lena improved her Turkish record with 42.6 kts.

Cédric Bordes managed to reach the 3rd best speed of the day with 47.83 kts.


Orange Speed Crossing 2nd Heat

Rob Douglas (42.5) winner of the second heat of the Orange Speed Crossing in front of Antoine Albeau (41.5)

We are sorry to hear that Sebastian Cattelan wasn’t able to take part in the last 2 races. “My racing gear is somewhere on an airport carousel between Maui airport and South Africa. I was able to borrow some equipment left and right, but it is not easy without my personal settings. Plus I’m cold, so for now I stay on the beach (smile).”

Alex Caizergues also had no chance today. He fell hard in the second inning and had to be evacuated by firefighters, having apparently suffered a knee sprain. He was in fourth place in this heat! This might compromise his season.

Charlotte Consorti consistently finished in the first half every time at the scratch, leaving behind about thirty men!

Anders Bringdal, who won the first round is 7th in this second round and falls back overall.

Heat 2 results:

1 Rob Douglas Kite

2 Antoine Albeau Wind

3 Cedric Bordes Wind

4 Alex Caizergues Kite

5 Geoffrey Kite Mascarell


The World Record Attempt in Speed Sailing

Namibia:  October 20th – November 17th 2011

The “Lüderitz Speed Challenge” has been held in Namibia since 2007, and is a World Record Attempt in Speed Sailing that has produced more than 40 World & National Records to date.


The organisers, Sophie Routaboul and Sébastien Cattelan have constantly innovated in their attempt to push the limits, and have recently obtained authorisation to dig a new channel away from the Second Lagoon shoreline, which has been used thus far. This is necessary to make it possible to break the 60 knot barrier (over 500m), which is the new challenge (115km/h under sail). Last year, the famous hydrofoil boat “L’Hydroptère” held the Outright Record with 51.36 knots (95km/h over 500m), but was beaten during “The 2010 Lüderitz Speed Challenge” by the kitesurfers who established the World Record in Speed Sailing with 55.65 knots (64/mph, 103km/h over 500m).


This has been a large scale and difficult project to undertake, which made these two driven extreme sports enthusiasts decide to officially test the newly built channel before taking on the responsibility of organising a fully-fledged event. A full scale event is planned for 2012 where numerous international competitors will be invited.

As the stakes increase and the speeds achieved are pushed higher, the organisation of each event has become more challenging in itself.

The consequences of this recognised official record attempt are far reaching. This event combines an environmental aspect together with the efficiency of wind power, and the human, tourism and commercial aspects, while bringing to the front stage an African country: Namibia. This is where kitesurfing (while still in its infancy), has been propelled into the headlines as being the world’s fastest craft on water.

Will this incredible and daring feat allow them to beckon in the dawn of a new playground for the windsurfing community, and give them access to the exclusive 50+ knot club? The results speak for themselves: over the past four years everything possible has been done to increase the potential of this unbelievable site, which has made the constant climb of speed sailing records possible.

The answer will be revealed between 20th October and 17th November 2011, which are the dates of the event during which windsurfing and kitesurfing performances will be done…. with the kind support of the sponsors : LM Wind Power, Genetrix and its team, SunPass Cream, The agency Chaffron Insurance, Kitaddict and the Lüderitz Community.


Seb Cattelan – First to 55 knots

On 28 of October, Sebastien Cattelan was the first person to reach a speed of over 55 knots average over 500m with a Genetrix Hydra 9 meter kite and an Xcelerator board.

Big final at Lud

One big day still to go for the competitors at the second lagoon. Rob will not take part as he broke his wrist and has to return to the US .  Alex and Seb will definitely give it all they have today.

The UNOFFICIAL results up to Day 11 (excuse any errors & omissions) :
Visit for the OFFICIAL Results.

Rank No. Name Nat. Speed
1 55 Rob Douglas USA 55.65
2 69 Sebastien Cattelan FRA 55.49
3 21 Alex Caizergues FRA 54.93
4 64 Sebastien Salerno FRA 54.28
5 53 Sylvain Hoceini FRA 52.90
6 11 Gavin Broadbent NZ 50.93
7 45 Basil Cambanis ZA 50.72
8 1 Taro Niehaus ZA 50.62
9 4 Charlotte Consorti FRA 50.43
10 13 Manu Taub FRA 49.04
11 7 Sophie Routaboul FRA 48.64
12 46 Marc Avella ESP 48.55
13 56 Jamie Douglas USA 47.90
14 57 Morgan Douglas USA 47.34
15 9 Christophe Prin-Guenon FRA 47.18
16 14 Fred Kloren NL 46.93
17 18 Tim Pumpa AUS 46.78
18 59 Jernej Privsek SL 46.60
19 10 Anders Bringdal (W) SWE 44.80
20 5 Sjoukje Bredenkamp ZA 44.25
21 52 Bill Lynch USA 42.32
22 6 Zsolt Lenkei HUN 42.16
23 81 Farrel O-Shea (W) UK 41.02
24 2 Afrit Foued ALB 39.81
25 800 Nick Vardalaxos (W) GR 38.06
26 223 Andrea Baldini (W) IT 37.21
27 47 Zara Davis (W) UK 36.99
28 3 Leila Nouar FRA 34.71

W = Windsurfer


New records!!

New world record by Rob Douglas (USA) with 55.65
New french and european record by Seb Cattelan (FR) with 55.49
New world record feminine by Charlotte Consorti (FR) with 50.43

Still awaiting the ISAF and the WSSRC official results.

Catman did it. First over 55

Rob Douglas and Catman have both exceeded 55 knots today, but we’re still waiting for the official results.
Catman was the first one today to have broken the 55 knot ( over 101 kmh / 63 mph) speed barrier but not for long as Rob Douglas also clocked in above 55 knots.

Stay tuned…

Waiting for what could be the last blow…

There’s no wind today and tomorrow.  Friday to Monday still looks promising.   The spring high tide will be between 2:30pm and  3:39pm over the weekend.  Lets hope the competitors find some flat water and the wind necessary to break some more records.  Sunday to Monday might be the last decent wind they’ll have to do so.  The wind usually peaks around 3:00pm.  Here is what the tide looks like for the next few days.

Fri (Low 8:33 / High 14:38 / Low 20:50)
Sat (Low 9:02 / High 15:08 / Low 21h19)
Sun (Low 9:32 / High 15:39 / Low 21:48)
Mon (Low 10.04/ High 16:12/ Low 22:20)

The Genetrix Team posing at Luderitz Speed Challenge 2010:  Martial Camblong – France, Sebastien Cattelan – France, Tim Pumpa – Australia (record), Sophie Routaboul -France, Basil Cambanis – South Africa, Fred Kloren – Netherlands, Marc Avella – Spain (record).  Missing on the picture : Zolt Lenkey – Hungary, Taro Niehaus – South Africa (record) and Leila Lelouar – France.

Big up to Catman

Only a handful of sailors have broken the 50 knot barrier. In order: Alex CAIZERGUES, Seb CATELLAN, Rob DOUGLAS, l’Hydroptère, Gavin BROADBENT, Seb SALERNO.
They really stamped their dominance on the sport by breaking the record by the biggest single margin in the sport’s history.  54.1 knots is impressive as it exceeds 60 mph and over 100kph…

Let’s not forget to acknowledge the effort put by Seb Cattelan and the event team who have put in long arduous hours to rebuild the channel that mother nature reclaims every high tide. The organizers have continued to optimize the course and have seen the results improve with each iteration.

Today wasn’t a record breaking day. Wind was @ 35 knots but you can see Catman & Bringdal having fun in light wind.

Tomorrow, Friday, apparently it is going to be the apocalypse. Today the run wasn’t usable before 5:00pm because low tide was at 2:20pm.  Tomorrow the optimal time to use the run is between 11:00am and 1:00pm, since low tide is at 4:00pm.
Alex’s incredible run will definitely drive the contenders to push the limit!  Some insane competition coming up between Alex and Catman.