Stylin’ it in Vanuatu with the team

2012 Genetrix Origin V2 Kiteboarding Kite Review

The Kiteboarder’s video review of the 2012 Genetrix Origin V2 kite. For the complete review (including comments directly from our testers) on this and 52 more 2012 kiteboarding kites and boards, download the TKB 2012 Freeride Gear Review in the TKB Store.

Happy New Year from Team Genetrix

Slider, island style on Kakula with Vic & Nick

Built for performance

Sebastien Cattelan: First to 55 knots

On 28 of October, Sebastien Cattelan was the first person to reach a speed of over 55 knots average over 500m with a Genetrix Hydra 9 m kite and an Xcelerator board.

“A step back in time” by The Kiteboarder magazine

Team Genetrix Vanuatu with Julien Sudrat & Marc Antoine Martin

Here is a slide show of the activities one might expect coming to Vanuatu with the team Genetrix.

Marc Antoine Martin in Vanuatu Aug 2010

A personal tour of the tree house with Julien to paradise.

Take a ride with Marco

Session in La Palme, rider Clément Hoelter with Genetrix Origin 7m²
Video from Clément Hoelter


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