Kakula island


Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year from Team Genetrix.

Kakula recap

Again perfect wind conditions of 17-33 knots during our stay there. Hope to post the movie one of these days. Here are some pics for now.

Dawn patrol

The wind blew all night and was so strong at times it woke me up. Kicked Vic and Nelly out of bed this morning to have a kite session at sunrise. We got our gear from where we normally kite on the south west tip of the island and took the path in the bushes that led to the north eastern part of the island. Normally on a clear day one can see the sunrise over Emao in the distance. No luck today, it was overcast and cloudy. The wind was blowing 25knts. We rigged on the narrow beach and kited for almost 2 hours before the tide was so low that the fins were hitting the reef.

Slider Island style

Vic and Nick decided to build a slider, island style today after watching “In Focus”. They dragged me into the bush to show me which branches they were going to cut and use. I was holding the cam, and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. There must have been 60 to 100 mozzies on me at any given time. Sorry for the cam shake. I know malaria hasn’t been totally eradicated in the islands. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Slider, island style on Kakula with Vic & Nick

Kakula 2011

Annual trip to Kakula Island with the team Genetrix Vanuatu. The wind has been blowing all night long. It’s hard to sleep. I’ll have to kick all the guys up in the morning for an early session. We might be able to squeeze 2 sessions before breakfast. On top of that, it’s supposed to be sunny. Can’t wait.

Waking up Kakula spirit

Last year about the same time, on the day that we shot the fireworks on the south western tip of Kakula, Vanuatu experienced a very strong 7.8 earthquake. Last night, we had our annual fireworks display and at around 3:55 we were awakened by another earthquake – this one registering 7.5. The quake was centered 38 miles southwest of the town of Port-Vila and was quite shallow, at a depth of 25.2 miles. We are in a volcanic area after all. Maybe we are making too much noise!!!

“A step back in time” by The Kiteboarder magazine

The Magic Tree

A personal tour of the tree house with Julien to paradise.

Kakula island during the 7.8 quake today

Marco, Thierry, Tom and Pablo were all on the water when a 7.8 earthquake hit Vanuatu today.  As the ground was still shaking and Marco was kiting by, he though we were joking.  They couldn’t feel anything being on the water.  The island was laterally bending and warping under our eyes with burst of sand being lifted off of the beach and blowing away with the wind.  It was surreal. The Island of Kakula is about 20k closer to the epicenter.

You can read more details here: By KRISTEN GELINEAU, Associated Press Writer Tue Aug 10, 3:32 am ET