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Long Beach Kite Expo 2011

Wow, first kite expo where we actually got some wind. Not that we don’t like to speak to people on the beach and all but it’s nice to be able to show the stuff. Long Beach kite Expo is organized by the SCKA. Southern California Kiteboarding Association. Thanks again to Jim and Dan for their wonderful work in putting together what is arguably the best Kiteboarding event in South Cal.


Capture the Wind Festival (cont) 2

Wind is picking up!!! Time for the big kids to play.

Capture the Wind Festival (cont) 1

The Swat team, Coast Guard and Fire Department helicopters raiding the beach and performing rescue demos for the kids.

Capture the Wind Festival (cont)

The highlight of the day were the smiles of the 1000+ students from the inner city, coming to experience the different events on the beach. Our team really enjoyed spending time with the kids, showing them the ropes of this sport. Fun was had by all.

Capture the Wind Festival

The annual Long Beach Kite Expo, organized by the SCKA (Southern California Kiteboarding Association), allows participants to demo the HOTTEST kitesurfing gear, race SUPs, LAUNCH off the water in JUMPING CONTESTS, COURSE RACES and have lots of fun on the beach with games.

This year is unique because they are teaming up with the Long Beach Sea Festival and the L.B. Parks and Recreation department to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Long Beach Airport.
Parks and Recreation brought in over 1,500 kids on Friday from the inner city to experience different events on the beach.
Events like this go a long way to foster goodwill between the kiting community and the city.

Pas trop tot!!!

The latest 2011 Origin2 features a lighter weight design, 4 struts (as opposed to the 6 struts on the 2010) and a reconfigured wing tip. We love the new bar with a shorter depower, making the kite more user-friendly. For those of you who had a tendency to let the kite fly at 12 and chew the fat on the beach without any input in the bar, with the Origin2 you might be able to keep up with your socializing without your kite hitting the ground… however it’s never a good idea and one should constantly feel the kite by applying a bit of pressure in the bar 🙂
Took the 9m out with Victor and what a great kite to fly – awesome boosting power still a signature feature of the Genetrix’s kites.

Smoko time


New secretary

Gerard is gay

Big finish @ Leo

Origin 2