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GENETRIX at the Mondial du Vent 2011

From the 23rd of April to the 1st of May, Genetrix will attend the Mondial du Vent in la Franqui, one of the windiest spots in the south of France.  Windsurfers go head to head against kitesurfers during the Orange Speed crossing, starting tomorrow 26 Apr  – 1 May.
For the first time, 60 competitors (32 pros and 28 amateurs) will compete to see who is fastest on the water.
The 55 knot speed record-breaking champion Sebastien Cattelan (France) will be competing against the other giants in the sport like Rob Douglas (USA), current world record speed holder, and Alex Caizergues (France).

At present, the list of competitors is as follows:

Kitesurf Windsurf
1- Alex CAIZERGUES France
2- Sébastien CATTELAN France
3- Sylvain HOCEINI France
4- Sylvain MAURIN France
5- Geoffrey MASCAREL France
6- Manu TAUB France
7- Julien TAUB France
8- Bruno DANDINE France
9- Christophe PRIN-GUENON France
10- Marc-Olivier MARTIN France
11- Rob DOUGLAS Etats-Unis
12- Morgan DOUGLAS Etats-Unis
13- Jamie DOUGLAS Etats-Unis
14- Damien LEROY France
15- Sébastien SALERNO France
16- Sjoukje BREDENKAMPF Afrique du Sud
17- Charlotte CONSORTI France
18- Sophie ROUTABOUL France
19- Antony CHAFFRON France
20- Nicolas ALLIBERT Canada
21- Marc-Antoine MARIN France
22- Florent GAUTIER France
23- Maxime RICHARD France
24- Benoit JOUFFRET France
25- Bill LYNCH Etats-Unis
26- Rémy JANISSET France
27- Alex ROBIN France
1- Antoine ALBEAU France
2- Cyril MOUSSILMANI France
3- Anders BRINGDAL Suède
4- Sylvain MOUSSILMANI France
5- Benoit MOUSSILMANI France
6- Bieuzy MAUFFREY France
7- David GARREL Luxembourg
8- Pascal BOULANGER France
9- Pierre MORETTI France
10- Andrea BALDINI Italie
11- Marion RAISI France
12- Gilles PAREDES VINUALES France
13- Thomas GAUDIOT France
14- Christophe RICHAUD France
15- Fabien COURTIADE France
16- Wilfried VANHERWEGHE France
17- Alain MONTAUZOU France
18- Sébastien BONHOMME ALLAIRE France
19- Xavier JOLY France
20- Jean-Charles MAES France
21- Miguel AGERKOP Pays-Bas
22- Gauthier BOURGEOIS France
23- Christophe FIORENTINI France
24- Eric CARRIERE France
25- Olivier BERNARD France
26- Cyril MICHEL France
27- Pascal TOSELLI France


The Origin2 in pictures

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Pictures by:
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