The heat is on…

There are only 8 days left to break a new world speed record. With the right conditions of wind and tide, the kitesurfers are sure to exceed the speeds of last week. The wind should gradually increase to 35-40 knts, being the strongest at the beginning of next week. Hoping they will get more!!
The speed the competitors could achieve yesterday was limited due to choppy water and lighter 30 knot wind. As it is spring high tide, the water came up quickly making the run usable only between 12:30am-1:30pm. It will be hard for all competitors to have a go at the run when the conditions are optimum for that day. It’s going to be a stampeed for the start since no one will want to miss the magical wind and tide window. In the next few days, as the high tide moves later towards the end of the afternoon, keep an eye out for some crazy performance in Luderitz.

A few pictures from Adrien Fréville photographie


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