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Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2010 – Oct 4th to Oct 31st

The 4th Event, World Record Attempt in Speed Sailing.

Speed Sailing has become an international inter-disciplinary sport. For many years an ongoing
challenge existed between Windsurfers, Hydrofoil boats and Kite Surfers to smash records

The event is held under the scrutiny of the World Speed Sailing Record Council (WSSRC) and the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). As such, it conforms to the WSSRC rules and allows for international validation of national, continental or world records established during the event.

Sebastien Cattelan became the 1st sailor to break the 50 knot barrier in 2008 with 50.52 knots.  Alex Caizergues then improved this to 50.57 knots the very next day.
Alex Caizergues managed to improve this to 50.98 knots in 2009, just shy of the 51.36 knots outright record set by Hydroptere.

The objective for the 2010 edition of the Lüderitz Speed Challenge is to reclaim the outright world record set by Hydroptere.


Luderitz is back on…

In 1975 the 40 knot barrier was broken. It took until 1987 for windsurfer Erik Beale to break that record. It took another 20 years for Sébastien Cattelan to break the 50 knots barrier!


Ok, it is not kiteboarding but those guys deserve respect. This is concrete…

Clément Hoelter in La Palme

Session in La Palme, rider Clément Hoelter with Genetrix Origin 7m²
Video from Clément Hoelter

Another one from Marco

“A step back in time” by The Kiteboarder magazine

Genetrix Team Vanuatu

Here is a slide show of the activities one might expect coming to Vanuatu with the team Genetrix.