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Celebrating 30 Years of Vanuatu’s Independence

The 31st July is the Independence celebration here in Vanuatu. On the outer islands, the kids never get to see fireworks so we decided to blow up some of our own fireworks for all to enjoy.  It was crazy — but no one  lost any fingers.


Eat My Wake!

A late wake board session. This place is magical. I can’t imagine how flat this place must be when there is no wind. 25knots again today but the lagoon is somewhat sheltered.

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Checking out Pango point for surf

Dropped off Paul Lang at the airport today.  It was great having him around.

Took Julien and Marco to check out the surf @ Pango point.  The wind was there, 27 knots, but unfortunately straight onshore, the waves were sloppy, and the launch spot sketchy — exposed reef all around to the water line.

Be the boss of time!

Took Julein, Marco and Paul to learn a bit about the custom of Vanuatu.  Be the boss of time, not the other way around is the Vanuatu way.

Arrival of the froggies

Picking up Marco @ 9:00 this morning after his 40 hrs flight to get here from France. He will not have time to rest. Direction, Kakula as soon as we pick him up. Julien gets in this afternoon from Tahiti. Lazeini will pick him up and join us.

Paul Lang Samples the Goods at Kakula Island

The team’s first trip to Kakula Island introduced Paul Lang of The Kiteboarder magazine to the wonders of kiting in Vanuatu.  The wind was cranking, and Paul selected an 11M Genetrix Origin as his kite of choice.

Kiteboarders & Paragliders Unite to Help Kinsley!

Kinsley ThomasWong was seriously injured just a few days before he was to join Team Genetrix and Paul Lang of The Kiteboarder in Vanuatu.  Marina Chang and a group of Kinsley’s friends put together a terrific website to track his progress and to donate, or checks can be made out to Kinsley ThomasWong Donation and sent to:
Melinda Thomas
26 El Viento
Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Packing list for Vanuatu

If you are lucky enough to get invited to Vanuatu with Thierry & Gerard Bourgeois, this is the minimum gear you should definitely take with you:

1 Genetrix Origin 9M

1 Genetrix Origin 7M

1 Genetrix Hydra 9M

Motocross boots, gloves & body armor for some crazy trail riding through the bush


Dive computer and regulator

Tons of snorkel gear

Anything else you can fit into a “golf” bag:  hint — nothing.

Where in the world is Vanuatu?

Port Vila is Vanuatu‘s capital.    Anyone who took Geography in the 1970s or earlier will remember it as the New Hebrides, which it was until it attained independence in 1980.

Vanuatu Bus Ride

As you can see, much of Vanuatu could use a dose of pavement. Of course, that’s part of the charm:

Photo used under creative commons license courtesy of PhillipC.